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The true story told by the Designer, Alfred J. Chang

In 1998, I adopted my first, very-own dog, named Rocky and a Yorkshire Terrier, while I was doing my internship at a designer house in NYC. I did not have any experience with dog clothes, but I really wanted to make a raincoat for my “baby” ,because all the raincoats sold at pet stores were way too ugly for Rocky. Honestly, I could not allow my baby to wear anything ugly! LOL. The patternmaker, a Japanese lady, taught me how to make my first dog raincoat; from then on, I enjoyed so much making dog coats for Rocky and made Rocky the most noticeable dog on the streets of NYC. A lots of people stopped us often and asked me where I bought the outfits for my dog. I told them that I made it by myself. Eventually, people started to ask if they could buy dog clothes from me, and this was my first step to the pet fashion business. In 1999, I adopted another Yorkie, name Micky, and my life became so intertwined with my two “babies”. My office was not far away from my apartment in Manhattan, so I was able to go home to take Rocky and Micky for a short walk during lunch breaks. Based on my experience, I started to develop “harness coats” to make my life easier and my babies could just go out in no time. I really appreciated the unconditional love that my dogs gave me, and I gave them the same in return. In order for them to get the best attentions, I bought a house with a big yard in NJ and moved out Manhattan and started the dog clothes business officially. We were so happy for years. In 2009, Micky died due to cancer at the age of 12; it had been the most difficult time in my life. In 2011, Rocky died at the age of near 21 years old due to natural causes. Now, I can more focus on the dog clothes business, and I am expecting to come out more styles to serve my loyal customers. Furthermore, a thousand thanks to my two babies and my clients. PS, I got a cat the day before Hurricane Sandy making landfall in NJ/NY in 2012. I could not locate her original owner, hence, I still keep the cat and her name is Sandy!

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